English-speaking carriers and mothers

English-speaking carriers and mothers

Beitragvon Anonymous arrow Mi 23. Sep 2015, 12:09


I wish to get in touch with any English-speaking carriers and/or mothers of Haemophilic children (between 0-6 years). We live in NRW.

I can understand German, and speak a bit too.

Best Regards

English-speaking carriers and mothers

Beitragvon susanne.wilk@dhg.de arrow Sa 31. Okt 2015, 20:10

Hello, my name is Susanne Wilk. I am a member of the board of the DHG and even member of ElternNetzWerk I'm a carrier and have 2 already adult sons with hemophilia a. Please feel free to contact me over susanne.wilk@dhg.de I would like to support you and connect you with other parents, who also have young children with hemophilia.

Susanne Wilk